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Page #1 of Google Process and Effect

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Getting found on the search results when online shoppers type a phrase or few keywords means for a business website : success. The fact is that online companies may either rise or fall due to their listings on the famous search engine Google. Successful companies have incorporated the process of SEO for their websites for high listings and web traffic which may result in huge rate of sales.

On a daily basis, a huge number of search queries are done on Google. This search engine accounts for 84.14 percent of the market share worldwide and Google first-page search result is a hard goal for millions of business websites around the world. Studies have shown around 90 percent of the people do not reach the second page on Google and that the first ten positions on the first page result in 94 percent of all of the clicks.

Therefore, first page Google ranking means high visibility and heavy web traffic. All such achievements can be achieved by following certain strategies or techniques which if implemented professionally, tremendously raise websites that have good contents. Placing a website on first page of Google within a few months takes hard work to face tough competition from millions others around the world such as online tax return , tax return North Sydney , tax agent Melbourne , online Australian tax return or tax return online service.

To be dominant on the first page on Google is tough but not an impossible job at all. According to different experts, if you understand the various listing types which get displayed through Google, you can use some of them. Given below are the various steps through which you can achieve a top ranking on Google.

Paid Search:

Though purchasing a brand name in terms of paid search is attractive to a lot of business owners, yet additional tactics can be applied for getting the brand known. There are various types of ad extensions which are available through Google as mentioned below.

  • Product extensions
  • Social extensions
  • Dynamic search ad extensions
  • App extensions
  • Location extensions
  • Call extensions
  • Offer extensions
  • Site-links extensions

Multiple extensions can be combined to acquire the most of the exceptional advertisement space.

Google Plus:

Those brands that get verified on Google plus accounts can take use brand terms associated with the type of business involved. Suppose if it is a real estate business, then a brand term by the name of ‘rel=publisher’ can be used. Such criteria works similarly to authorship, but in fact is linked with Google plus pages as compared to the individual accounts. Thus, a larger piece of real estate page is resulted, which includes the follower count and a link having an image of the latest post of the real estate business.

Usage of Images:

On-page SEO of the main images on the website such as the logo is a means to achieve a high search engine listing on Google. It has been noted that an image search drives more traffic than many other channels.

While working on the logo for the brand term, implementation can be done in four steps. That is, including the brand in the image file name, the alt attribute, the URL where the image is found and the title of the image.

Google Plus Local SEO:

According to prominent SEO Company Sydney team, ‘Local’ presents an opportunity to occupy the top listing relative to the brand name on Google if sure that the business listing is verified. If multiple locations exist for the business, then is it a professional way to have Google plus location pages linked with the corresponding local landing page on the website.

Usage of Video Content:

Nowadays, U-Tube is very popular in different aspects for different reasons through search queries that also include brand terms. Having a branded U-Tube Video enables the implementer to spread the brand name. For achieving a higher ranking in Google, the implementer can include a brand name in the U-Tube username, Meta Tags of the video and the name of the video. Additionally, comments and votes may become part of the video. Lastly, if you have a branded U-Tube Channel, you can link it from your website within the footer.


The main aim of becoming a thriving SEO Company Sydney is to achieve high visibility and heavy web traffic on Google for competitive keywords such as Bookkeeping Services, Bookkeepers Sydney or Bookkeeping Services Sydney. Search result top listing for the client website is a key factor in this regard. As far as brand domain is in process, SEO expert can visit Google Webmaster Tools and then audit the client website for existing website links and many other aspects. The tough part for SEO expert is to work off_page SEO that exist outside the official website such as tax return service. The social web presence is very effective in increasing the frequency of activities on each of the websites. Linking the main website with the social media platform along with the links increases the visibility on Google. A particular business may have active branded accounts and web pages on popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others.

Introduction to the CG Tax and Bookkeeping


A Basic Introduction to the Capital Gains Tax Rules and Bookkeeping

Australian Taxation Office is very clear about the rules and regulations regarding Capital Gains Tax. Majority of the people don’t understand these rules and regulations. Sometimes the terms become too complex to understand whereas the process alone isn’t simple.

What is Capital Gain or Loss?

Purchasing an asset costs you some amount of money. On the other hand, when you dispose the particular asset you get to receive money. Capital gain or loss is the difference between these two amounts. Capital gain occurs when the difference is positive. Capital gain is considered income which is why tax has to be applied on this income. It is known as Capital Gain Tax. This type of tax is mandatory to be paid just like the entire income tax. Your Tax Return accountants in Sydney can assist you to make sure all expenses and income are accounted for.

Capital loss can also occur. In this case, an individual is not allowed to claim it against the income amount. However, it can be used for the purpose of reducing capital gain amount for the particular financial year. It might happen that you have to face capital loss for the income year. You can take advantage of this situation by carrying the capital loss amount to next year and get it deducted from capital gains. Capital losses can be transferred to future years. Many people don’t know this valuable information.

The regulations regarding Capital Gains were implemented on 20 September, 1985. Every capital asset which you have purchased or acquired since 1985 is linked with CGT. The asset might not be entitled to CGT if it has been specifically excluded. Some people might argue with the rules but this is the way it has to go in Australia. The most common way you could make capital gain or loss is by selling shares or real estate. Both the items qualify for application of CGT. On the other hand, Capital Gains Tax is also applied at business goodwill and other intangible assets. All the assets which you purchase or acquire for generating income come under CGT’s umbrella. Other assets like home, car and furniture are exempted from application of CGT due to the personal nature of these assets. You might be using some depreciating assets such as property on rent and business equipment. These assets are also exempt from application of Capitan Gains Tax.

Above, we discovered the basic rules and regulations of Capital Gains Tax rules. Now, we are going to learn about the situations when these rules actually apply, specifically in terms of assets. For Australian residents, Capital Gains Tax applies no matter in which part of the world you live. Taking care about your Tax Return Melbourne is important part of it.

CGT Assets Being Owned and Acquired

You must know while purchasing an asset whether CGT would apply on it or not. In this way, you will be able to start planning for the future by keeping records for the particular asset if it qualifies for CGT. The record keeping can help you in paying no extra amount of tax. It is must to have owner’s share if the asset is in joint ownership.

CGT Events Linked to Sale of Asset

What is a CGT event? The occasion when you give or sell the asset to someone else is known as CGT event. Here you get to know whether you will be making capital gain or loss. CGT events could come up in many other forms as well. A Trust or any other managed fund organizer might distribute capital gain to you. This situation also comes under CGT event.

Real Estate and Home

Main residence is the one where you live. It is exempted from applying of CGT if it has not been rented for some time period or it is less than 2 hectares of land. On the other hand, majority of real estate is applicable to CGT such as business premises, free land, farm houses, rentable property and holiday apartments.

Calculation of Capital Loss or Gain

For this purpose, you need to have basic understanding regarding few terms such as cost base and capital proceeds. The cost of acquiring or purchasing an asset is known as cost base. The amount received with disposal of an asset is known as capital proceeds. Calculation carried out in a CGT event is to find out whether capital gain has been achieved or capital loss. In this case, the cost base is subtracted from capital proceeds. In your financial year report, an individual is supposed to declare all capital gains minus capital losses and minus CGT concessions. The best option is to make sure you are provided with the best bookkeeping services Sydney can offer for this time of calculations.

CGT Concessions, Rollovers and Exemptions

There are quite a few assets exempted from the applying of Capital Gains Tax. It majorly includes all assets of personal nature such as furniture, car, home and deprecating assets which have been used for taxable reasons. Good news is that small business owners can get a 50% discount on their capital gain if the asset has been held for 1 year or more. In some cases, you might be entitled to roll over or defer the CGT event till the time another event takes place. Australian Taxation Office provides relaxation to small business owners in order to encourage them to do business by offering various other CGT concessions.

This is the very basic guide which must have helped you learn about basic CGT rules and their application in different circumstances.

The Way to Travel Claims in Individual Tax Return

Travel Claims in Individual Tax Return

Paying a large chunk of your income to a third party in the form of tax seriously frustrates everybody. Government provides numerous facilities and services as a return for taking tax from residents. On the other hand, people try to find all kinds of ways in order to pay minimum amount of tax on the income earned during a financial year. For this purpose, people pay financial (tax) advisers to help them reduce tax payment at the end of year. Professionals from this field have plenty of knowledge on how to legally reduce tax payments. An individual might know about these methods but details are difficult to understand for a person having no connection with tax or finance field. Contact the Accountants Sydney for assistance, that plays a key role when it comes to implementation.

Today, we are going to help you learn about how to save tax money by making travel claims. It does not mean that you are entitled to make a claim for all travel related expenses on your tax return Sydney. The travel claim can only be made on your work related expenses with travelling. We will be uncovering 4 major travel claim types for your better understanding.

  1. Travel Between Workplaces, also Home and Work
  2. Car Expenses
  3. Award Transport Payments
  4. Other Travel Expenses

Travel Between Workplaces, Also Home and Work

Travelling between two or more work places and work to home or home to work is considered private. However, the ATO allows you to make travelling claims in this case under specific circumstances. If some part of the travelling was for work and remaining portion private then you can only make a claim for the work related travelling. Here is what you are allowed to claim in terms of travelling cost:

  • Direct travelling between two or more workplaces for two different employers in case of two jobs
  • Travelling to another workplace from usual workplace for the same job’s requirements
  • From home to workplace in case you started working at home and went to workplace in order to continue the work of same job
  • In case of job’s nature is shifting places which requires working at more than one place every day before going home
  • Travelling from home to secondary workplace for job work and then going to the daily workplace or home
  • Carrying certain equipment or documents with yourself in case they cannot be left at workplace

 Car Expenses

This type of claim is entirely different from the one we have mentioned above. Using a hired/rented car, leased car or your own car for work purposes come under the term car expenses. On the other hand, direct costs including fuel can be claimed when using anybody else’s car.

When to claim: Performance of tasks by travelling on car required by the job nature as an employee. In any such case the claim can be made.

Leased or owned cars: Expense incurred for using, rented, hired, owned or leased car for work related travelling can be claimed.

Deduction calculation: Many different methods can be used for calculating work related travelling car expenditure. Difference in total calculated amount can incur by using different methods. Go for the one which produces largest total. In case of jointly owned car, there have to be certain adjustments made to the expenditure.

Car owned jointly: You might not be able to implement the specific rules related for jointly owned cars’ claiming expenses. There are certain conditions which have to be met for every claim method.

Award Transport Payments

Receiving a payment from the employer for travel related expenses incurred is known as award transport payment. It has to be included on tax return because it occurs as assessable income. On the other hand, deduction claim can be made for work travel expenses covered by award transport payments.

Specific number of kilometres or miles is set for every award transport payment in the form of reimbursement of car expenditure. Claim on tax return can be made for the miles which you have travelled extra and were not covered by the payment. Using cents per km or logbook method is required in order to provide evidence for the travelling.

Other Travel Expenses

Expenses for incidentals, accommodation and meals during a task related to job work can only be claimed if you are travelling out of town such as attending meeting or seminar in another city.

Deduction calculation: Only actual expenses can be claimed in case you are allowed to use any vehicle other than car or a borrowed car. On the other hand, amount of claim depends on whether you have received any allowance for costs incurred during work related travelling.

Records of travel expenditure: It is not possible for the tax authorities to accept claims from your side in tax return without being able to cross check with evidence. Specific requirements have to be met related to travel expenses which entirely depends on:

  • Travel allowance
  • Travel type; overseas or domestic
  • Travel length
  • Occupation

It is common to consult a professional tax agent Sydney if you often travel because of job’s type. In this way, you will be able to make better claim on your tax return for work related travelling expenses.

Tax Issues When Dealing With Australians Working Overseas

Tax Issues When Dealing With Australians Working Overseas

Australian Tax Office has defined all tax rules and regulations clearly enough for citizens to understand them easily. However, sometimes the situation is a bit complex where “ifs” and “buts” create confusion in the mind of tax payer. Today, we will be discussing the commonly faced tax issues by Australians who work aboard. An individual must have clear idea of how the taxation rules are going to apply when looking forward to work overseas.

Below we have mentioned some of the basic tax issues and circumstances which you need to be aware of if you work outside Australia permanently or temporarily:

  • If your status has become “foreign resident” from Australian resident during financial year then you are required to:

      Answer “yes” on tax return’s question that are you an Australian resident

      Claim for number of days during a financial year when you weren’t Australian resident for tax return for purpose of Medicare levy exemption days

      Get tax offset claim reduced for any dependant spouse if the spouse and you were not Australian residents by mentioning the time period

  • Lodge the early return if leaving Australia
  • Be aware of CGT obligations if you are retaining assets in Australia while being a resident before leaving
  • Liable to pay surcharge of Medicare levy in case the income is surplus of relevant Medicare levy surcharge threshold only if you have cancelled private health insurance while going abroad
  • Take care of obligations if you have taken Student Financial Supplement Scheme or Higher Education Loan Programme or the debt will keep indexing every year until completely paid. Making voluntary repayments is an option.

Superannuation Obligations For Australians Working Overseas

In multinational companies, it usually happens that the employer sends employees abroad temporarily for work reasons. In this case, the employer is obligated to pay your super payments in Australia on your behalf. On the other hand, your employer and you don’t have to pay any super payments in the other country if these conditions are met:

  1. Having bilateral social security agreement with Government of Australia
  2. Being covered with super guarantee in Australia
  3. Employer gaining Certificate of coverage for employee from the ATO

It is a must for you to get the copy of Certificate from employer while travelling abroad. It can be shown to other country’s authorities if any issue comes up. You can apply for the Certificate of Coverage over the internet.

International Taxation Obligations Within Australia

Tax Residency – The tax situation cannot be understood till your residency is not clear. You should be an Australian resident for the ATO’s rules to be applied in your case. Every individual is taxed on the total worldwide income generated from every source.

Overseas Living – Tax affairs can only be sorted out if you take care of certain things whether you are an Australian resident or not. For all Australians working abroad, it is a must to declare their worldwide income for the purpose of Australian tax return. It is applicable in that case even if tax has been paid in the other country where you earned the income.

Investing Abroad – Income earned from renting property abroad, selling assets overseas and interest gained from any source in another country. All these factors add up when you declare the worldwide income. In Australia the foreign income tax offset could be claimed if the tax has already been paid in other country for earnings mentioned above.

More On Tax Obligations For Australians Working Overseas

It is important to provide information on worldwide income if you are an Australian resident and working abroad. The worldwide income includes; exempt foreign employment income and assemble income. It has to be declared even if the tax has been taken by the other country for income you earned.

  1. Foreign Employment Income: Irrespective of whether it is exempt or assemble, you must report it to ATO.
  2. Foreign Income Tax Offset Claim: Double taxation will no more exist if you make a claim for foreign income tax offset in case you have paid tax in the other country for earning there.
  3. Lump sum & Allowances Payments: There are certain allowances which are taxable such as employer paying expenses for you living away from home.
  4. Coverage for Double Superannuation: If you don’t have a bilateral superannuation agreement then double superannuation coverage has to be paid by employer in Australia and the country where employee is working.
  5. Abroad Police, Defence & Other Official Service: Members of certain departments or organizations which work abroad to provide aid are exempted from paying any tax on foreign income such as Australian Police.

Information For Individuals About To Leave Or Have Left Australia

There are 3 major aspects which we recommend you to look at if you have left or about to leave Australia.

  1. Tax Residency: In case you are going to stay Australian resident then lodge the tax return after declaring world income as mentioned above. On the other hand, tax obligations will change completely if residency changes.
  2. Advance Tax Return Lodging: In case you have to leave Australia before financial year ends then you will be allowed to lodge tax return earlier.
  3. Outside Australia Tax Return Lodging: While being outside Australia, you could lodge the tax return online via e-tax during July 1 – October 31.